Welcome to the Coffee Academy

In the academy, you will learn step by step where our coffees come from, how they are grown, harvested, shipped and processed. And, of course, how to grind your coffee correctly and prepare a flat white or cappuccino professionally.

Recipes & preparation

To ensure that you always make the perfect coffee at home, we explain the different ways of making coffee and give tips on the right grind.

Nowadays, coffee preparation is as versatile as tastes are different. Sieve press pot, espresso machine, fully automatic coffee machine or the good old hand filter? Should it be a flat white or a latte macchiato? And how do you actually froth milk properly?

To ensure that you always make the perfect coffee at home, we explain the different ways of making coffee and give tips on the right grind.

Preparing perfect coffee

Do you want to know how to make really good coffee every time? Whether you use the hand filter, the sieve plunger jug or the pour over: our guide will show you step by step how to achieve your perfect moment of enjoyment with every preparation method.

To the preparation guide

The right grind

This will bring out the fine aromas of your favorite coffee even better: We recommend grinding the coffee fresh before preparation. The ideal grind depends on how you prepare your coffee. Find out here how to find the right grind for your coffee or espresso!

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Latte Macchiato

Flat White

Coffee journey

Do you also start the day with a good cup of coffee? Perhaps you have already wondered where your favorite coffee actually comes from and what journey it has taken before it smells so wonderfully aromatic in your cup.

From the cherry to the cup

From the plant to the bean

Find out more about the origins of the coffee plant, what exactly the "coffee belt" is, why sustainable cultivation is so important to us and how the ripe coffee beans are harvested before they are shipped to us.

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From the origin to Hamburg

Coffee is one of the most multifaceted beverages. Countless aromas come together to create the incomparable variety of flavors that we love so much. But before we can enjoy our favorite coffee, it already has a long journey behind it: accompany our coffee on its way from the plantation to the Tchibo store.

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Roasting process & roasting

Once the green coffee has arrived in Hamburg, the actual roasting process begins. How the coffee is roasted, whether short or long, in a drum or with hot air, determines the subsequent taste and aroma of the coffee. Does it taste mild and fruity or rather spicy and strong? How is green coffee roasted? What methods are there? We explain why roasting is so important for developing the full coffee aroma.

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Sustainability at Tchibo coffees

We want Tchibo coffees to be in good hands right from the start and are therefore committed to local projects for environmental protection, fair wages, economic and ecological know-how and better living conditions for coffee farmers.

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