Preparing a latte macchiato

Latte macchiato means "spotted milk". The interplay of milk, espresso and foam gives this milk specialty its name.


Coffee quantity: 40 ml
Milk: 150 ml
Milk foam: 120 ml

Step 1:

Froth up about 270 ml of hot milk in your milk frother.

Step 2:

Pour the frothed milk into the latte macchiato glass.

Step 3:

Brew an espresso (e.g. Tchibo BARISTA Espresso) and pour it carefully and slowly into the glass. The classic division is created automatically: first milk, then espresso, then the foam.

How many calories does latte macchiato have?

Three layers of milk, coffee and milk foam give the latte macchiato its unmistakable appearance. However, the high milk content also ensures a slightly higher calorie content compared to other coffee specialties. Depending on the fat content of the milk used, a latte macchiato contains around 170 kilocalories (kcal). However, a latte macchiato with low-fat milk, for example, has fewer calories than one with whole milk. If you enjoy your latte macchiato in sweetened form with a little sugar, this adds a few more calories.

How much caffeine does latte macchiato contain?

Almost 23 percent of Germans regularly drink latte macchiato. In addition to the strong coffee flavor together with the creamy foam and fine milk, many appreciate the relatively low caffeine content. In Italy, latte macchiato, made from a glass of milk and a shot of espresso, was originally intended for children. How much caffeine a latte macchiato contains depends on the espresso used and the amount prepared. The average value is around 10 mg of caffeine per 100 ml of latte macchiato.

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