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Introducing the Tchibo

The revolutionary Bean-To-Brew, single serve coffee machine. No pods, no waste.

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The Tchibo

Meet the German-engineered machine that grinds AND brews your coffee in one seamless step. What could be fresher than that?

Just pour in your whole beans. And hit “play.” This hi-touch technology brews your single serve coffee to your exact specifications. It’s sleek and streamlined – to fit comfortably on your counter. It is surprisingly affordable. And best of all, there are no plastic cups to end up in a landfill.

  • Brand New To America.
  • Bean-To-Brew.
  • Single Serving.
  • No Pods. No Waste.
  • German Technology.
  • Compact Size: (W) 7” (H) 12.4” (L) 15.6”
  • A Limited Supply. Order Now.

Features & Technology

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Boost Button to increase coffee intensity
Auto-stop and programmable automatic shut-off
Elegant, intuitive LED panel with touchscreen operation.
Easy Automatic descaling function. A cleaner machine makes for better tasting coffee.
Slim, streamlined: 7” x 15.6” x 12.4” and 17.2 lb
Removable brewing unit for easy cleaning
Adjustable coffee dispenser and removable drip tray for larger mugs
Coffee hopper with aroma protect sealing, adjustable from 5 to 10 ounces.
Adjustable grinding degree setting.
German-engineered, low-noise stainless steel coffee grinder .
Removable water reservoir with easy refill access up to 37 ounces.
Easy-to-remove coffee grounds receptacle large enough for ten portions.


Why is the price so low compared to other, similar coffee machines?

Tchibo wants as many people as possible to enjoy the taste of freshly-prepared coffee. Our new Bean to Brew machine has everything you need for this, including a high-quality stainless-steel grinder. However, we only focus on the necessary features that affect the taste of coffee -– not a lot of unnecessary extras. This allows us to offer you The Tchibo machine at an unbeatable value.

How many bars of pressure does the machine use?

19. That said, the pressure at which the pump pushes water through the system will change depending on how much coffee is in the machine. Or whether you use the boost button. It will also change depending on the grinder setting. It will be less if the grinder is set to a very fine setting as the water has a harder time passing through the grounds.

Is the Machine available in different colors?

No, not yet. For now, The Tchibo is only available in black.

Does it make Espresso – or just Coffee?

Both. You can select the size and intensity of your coffee on the LED control panel.

What size are the servings?

2, 4 and 8 ounce cups. Of course, if you need more, you can immediately make a fresher cup.

Where is the machine made?

Designed in Germany. Built in China.

Does it come with a milk frother?

No, sorry. While Tchibo makes many different European coffee machines with different functions – including frothing, this is the only one available in the US at this time.

(Of course, some of the coffee purists here feel that adding milk to exquisite coffee is blasphemous!)