Sustainability at Tchibo

Towards sustainability with every cup

Did you know that around 40% of the sustainable filter coffees offered in Germany come from Tchibo? More than 30 different types of coffee in our range already come from coffee farms that grow their coffee sustainably. And the number is growing.

We want Tchibo coffees to be in good hands right from the start and are therefore involved in local projects for environmental protection, fair wages, economic and ecological know-how and better living conditions for coffee farmers. Because we believe that the best quality coffee can only be produced under optimal and sustainable conditions.

Coffee Seal Partner

Our coffees are not only good for the soul, but also for the coffee farmers and the environment. Because with our strong coffee seal partners, we are achieving more and more on our path towards sustainability. You can recognize our sustainable products by the logos of our seal partners.

You can find out who these partners are and what it takes to earn a seal from them on the following pages.

Rainforest Alliance for the rainforest

The brown gold comes from the green lungs of the earth. And to keep it that way, the Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM is committed to compliance with various criteria for sustainable agriculture to protect the environment and for better working conditions for farmers.

Fair trade with Fairtrade

At its best, coffee not only tastes good to the consumer, but also to the coffee farmers. And so that they can work and live sustainably and self-determinedly, Fairtrade is committed to better working conditions.

Tchibo Joint Forces®

We certainly don't know everything, but we are happy to pass on what we do know to everyone we work with.

That's why, together with many local partners, we support coffee farmers in the countries of origin with training courses on how to grow their coffee in a more economical, ecological and socially responsible way. To this end, we have launched our Tchibo Joint Forces® training program. We have already completed over 10 projects in 5 different countries or are in the process of doing so. We would like to present three exemplary projects here.

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