Preparing the perfect coffee

Making the right coffee is an art in itself. How finely should the coffee be ground and what is the right amount of coffee? Do you need different coffee for a portafilter than for filter preparation?

We explain step by step how to make the perfect coffee with every preparation method.

Filter coffee machine

With this classic coffee machine, large quantities of coffee can be prepared with little effort. There is a wide range of coffees to choose from.

Hand filter

Brewing coffee like in grandma's day: The good old ceramic hand filter is back in fashion. We reveal a few tricks on how to prepare it correctly.

Pour Over

For connoisseurs, fresh, carefully hand-brewed coffee is one of the greatest pleasures of all.The Pour Over is the perfect way to make this classic.

French press

With a sieve stamp pot, the preparation of your filter coffee becomes manual work.The grind of the coffee and the correct contact time are crucial.

Espresso maker

The espresso maker stands for the typical Italian way of making coffee - pure espresso.Preparation on the hotplate is very simple, but there are a few things to bear in mind here too.

Portafilter machine

The portafilter requires the barista in you.It's all about the perfect grind and optimum pressure. The result: the best espresso bar taste.

Fully automatic coffee machine

Fully automatic coffee machines are real freshness professionals: they grind the coffee beans just before the brewing process, making espresso and caffè crema unbeatably fresh.

Capsule machine

Coffee capsule machines prepare different types of coffee and coffee specialties quickly and at the touch of a button. So if you love choice and drink cappuccino as well as espresso, caffè crema and coffee, you've come to the right place, because with a capsule machine you can enjoy a new variety with every cup.


Turkish mocha is the oldest known preparation method, where the coffee grounds are also poured in. This is how it is prepared in the traditional Ibrik.

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