Preparation with the Pour Over

How to make the perfect coffee from the Pour Over

For connoisseurs, fresh, carefully hand-brewed coffee is one of the greatest pleasures of all. And with the Pour Over, the classic is a perfect success. The jug made of tasteless and heat-resistant borosilicate glass has a permanent filter, holds around four cups and is particularly easy to use: The hot water is slowly and evenly distributed over the coffee powder - for optimum development of the wonderfully aromatic and intense flavor.

Amount of coffee per cup

8-12 g per 150 ml

Grinding degree


Brewing time

3-5 min

Please pre-rinse

The preparation

Place the permanent filter on the jug and rinse the filter once with hot water. Then pour the water out of the jug and reinsert the filter.

Medium-fine, please!

The right grind

For preparation in the pour over, a fine to medium grind should be selected so that it has roughly the consistency of sand.

How much coffee in the Pour Over?

The amount of coffee

To prepare a filter coffee with the Pour Over, we recommend 6 g of coffee per 100 ml of water. Pour the correct amount of ground coffee directly into the permanent filter.

Patience for the perfect taste

The preparation

Then pour in some water until it is about 1 cm above the coffee powder. Allow the coffee to swell for about 30 seconds. This process is known as blooming. Once the water has run through, the remaining water is slowly poured in from the center outwards in a circular motion. Finally, pour a thin stream into the center to keep the water level in the filter. The perfect cycle time is 3 to 5 minutes.

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