Welcome to The Journey of a Coffee Bean - From Plant to Cup

Welcome to The Journey of a Coffee Bean - From Plant to Cup

Welcome to the Coffee Journey

Dive deep into the fascinating coffee landscape. Be it the intriguing origins of coffee or the green belt crop region, discover it all over coffee. Learn about the significance of sustainable farming and how ripe coffee beans are harvested before they set sail to reach us. Welcome to our journey of coffee, a step-by-step guide to your favourite cup of joe.

From the Plant to the Cup - Origins & Cultivation

Ever wondered where your comforting cup of coffee originates? Discover which animal we owe for the discovery of coffee, understand the "coffee belt" – what it is, where it is located, and familiar yourself with the leading coffee-producing countries.

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Processing Techniques

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Beyond the Roots: The Journey to Hamburg involves Transport & Trade

Coffee is among the most diverse drinks with countless aromas making up its unique flavour profile that we cherish so dearly. Before we can relish our favourite coffee, it undergoes an extensive journey: Join us as we accompany our coffee from the plantation right up to the Tchibo shop.

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Coffee Trade

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Transport & Storage

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The captivating aroma! Following the arrival of green coffee in Hamburg, the significant process of roasting begins. Whether the coffee is being roasted briefly or for a longer period, in a drum or with hot air, plays a vital role in the ultimate taste and aroma of the coffee. Does it taste mild and fruity or rather spicy and robust?

How is green coffee roasted, and what are the different methods? We elucidate why roasting is so essential for the full development of the coffee aroma.





Roasting Techniques

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Roast Types

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