Coffee Trade

Coffee Trade

Coffee Trade - From Plantation to your Cup

Modern coffee trade is a sophisticated system, a result of years of evolution and continuous improvements. Our understanding of this system not only enhances our appreciation of the coffee we consume every day but also throws light on the sustainability efforts that companies like Tchibo commit to. This article is here to shed some light on the multifaceted aspects of global coffee trade and Tchibo's efforts towards fair and sustainable trading.

A Glimpse into the Coffee Stock Exchange

When it comes to trading coffee worldwide, New York and London are the two most significant trading centres. They majorly dominate the international coffee trade circuits, while other trading hubs have either relatively low significance or have been closed, like the Hamburg coffee exchange shutting down a risk for both ends of the bargain. If coffee prices rise, buyers rejoice; if prices fall, sellers benefit. To further delineate the coffee shares, the two trading centers in New York and London have divided the coffee kinds amongst themselves. New York trades solely in Arabica coffee, while London caters to Robusta kinds.

Fair Trade in Coffee - The Tchibo Way

Tchibo coffees are harvested from sustainable and equitable production. We collaborate with various partners—including the Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, and the Truemorrow initiative—to promote eco-friendly farming methods while offering fair wages to coffee farmers.

Unlike the stock exchange trade, fair coffee trading takes a different route. Here, intermediaries linking coffee farmers and the companies are eliminated. There is a set minimum price for the coffee that is always above the global market price to ensure the long-term sustainability of coffee farmers and allow them to invest in developing more sustainable farming methods.

This method brings a significant relief for the farmers as they then remain unexposed to the wild price fluctuations in the world coffee market. As your reliable coffee providers, we stand by this method to ensure every cup you enjoy brings a positive change to the world.

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