Coffee Roasting Techniques

Coffee Roasting Techniques

Coffee Roasting Techniques

When savouring a perfect cup of coffee, we often overlook the complex process and numerous factors contributing to its taste and aroma. Amongst these elements, the roasting method plays a pivotal role in determining not only the flavour profile but also the distinct attributes of a certain kind of coffee. This article will delve deep into the intricacies of the roasting process.

The Power of Roasting

One could say that roasting is the soul of the coffee. This is due to the crucial role it plays in individualizing coffee coffees and amplifying its taste. The choice of roasting method is significantly dictated by the origin of the coffee beans. Therefore, it becomes paramount to understand the roasting process to appreciate the intricacies of brew.

Hot Air Roasting

Hot Air roasting method entails the raw coffee beans roasted within a hot air stream at around 200-240°C for about 2-3 minutes. The fast rise in temperature preserves the coffee's strong taste complexity. This method typically leads to a more robust and flavourful coffee, but it also contains higher acidic content and bitterness along with a superior body.

Drum Roasting

Drum roasting requires a rotating drum with reduced hot air to gently roast coffee at around 200°C for approximately 10-18 minutes. The slow increase in temperature enables a more intensive development of the aromas. Drum-roasted coffees are known for their milder acidity and reduced bitterness. With this method, coffees are typically equipped to develop an optimal crema## The Essence of Time: Tchibo's Unique Single Roasting Given that each raw coffee possesses a unique character, at Tchibo, every type is individually roasted based on factors like their country of origin, to ensure optimal taste and aroma development. Irrespective of whether it's an espresso, a filter coffee, or a Cafissimo coffee, we apply this roasting procedure universally.

Indeed, single roasting is more labor-intensive. Yet, it is the only means through which we can effectively bring out the individual characteristics of the respective varieties.

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