Tchibo Coffee: Your Sustainable Cup for a Better Planet

Did you know that nearly 40% of sustainable filter coffees offered in Germany come from Tchibo? More than 30 different types of coffee in our range originate from coffee farms known for their commitment to sustainable cultivation. The number is growing steadily, reinforcing our dedication to sustainability. This article will embark you on a journey towards understanding the importance of this matter.

A Cup of Sustainability with Tchibo Coffee

We believe that impeccable coffee originates when optimal and sustainable conditions conjoin. That's why we ensure that Tchibo coffees are handled responsibly right from the start. We actively participate in local projects that support environmental protection, fair wages, and improved living conditions for coffee farmers.

Rainforest Alliance: Safeguarding the Forests

Our "Brown Gold" originates from the Earth's green lungs. Therefore, the Rainforest Alliance Certified™ program enforces diverse criteria for sustainable agriculture that safeguards our environment and ensure better working conditions for farmers.


Coffee must not only be pleasing to consumers. Coffee farmers must also benefit from the process. Hence, Fairtrade ensures they work and live sustainably and independently by advocating for improved work conditions.


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