Medium Roast

Gold Selection 8.8oz

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Medium roast with a rich taste and intense aroma

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German-quality roast

Our Röstmeisters single roast beans to bring out a palette of over 800 different aromas.

Sealed airtight

Our Aroma Protect Technology™ locks out light and oxygen - and keeps your coffee fresh.

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Flavor Profile

Intensely flavored coffee consists of 20% Tchibo Arabica beans and 80% Tchibo Robusta beans.

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Roast level


Coffee Origin:

Asia & South- and Central America


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Medium Roast


Brewing Methods

Learn how to brew your favorite cup of coffee with Gold Selection 8.8oz.

Drip Filter

Drip filter coffee machines deliver a consistently clean and clear brew, characterized by its bright and smooth taste profile. By using a paper filter, this method effectively removes oils and sediments, resulting in a coffee with less body but heightened clarity in flavor.

French Press

The full immersion brewing technique of a French press extracts a nuanced and robust flavor profile from the coffee beans. The inclusion of essential oils and fine sediments further heightens the coffee's richness and body, which sets it apart from drip or pour-over methods.

Pour Over

Pour-over brewing is a simple way to brew a clean, bright cup. It brings out subtle nuances in coffee, particularly those with bright, sparkling flavors.

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  • Intensely flavored coffee consists of 20% Tchibo Arabica beans and 80% Tchibo Robusta beans.
  • You can use it with a filter coffee machine, a French press and a mocha pot.
Gold Selection Ground Filter Coffee offers a unique filter coffee experience suitable for very special moments of the day. Tchibo selects high-quality coffee beans from the most fertile regions. It blends these beans with care and roasts them with high quality and freshness. Tchibo Gold Selection is an exquisite opportunity to taste this unique quality.