Medium Roast

Caffé Crema Intense 17.6oz/35.2oz (Subscription)

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Medium roast coffee with a bold taste of European espresso plus a velvety crema.

Size: 17.6 oz
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German-quality roast

Our Röstmeisters single roast beans to bring out a palette of over 800 different aromas.

Sealed airtight

Our Aroma Protect Technology™ locks out light and oxygen - and keeps your coffee fresh.

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Flavor Profile

Bold taste of European espresso plus a velvety crema

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Coffee Origin:

Best coffee growing regions worldwide


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Medium Roast


Brewing Methods

Learn how to brew your favorite cup of coffee with Caffé Crema Intense 17.6oz/35.2oz (Subscription).

The Tchibo

Indulge in a truly personalized coffee experience with the ability to choose your favorite beans and conveniently fill them into our machine for a perfect brew every time.

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Incredible full-bodied and aromatic taste.

How does that work? The special blend of our coffee beans and the individual roasting make the difference. That’s how the great taste and velvety crema are created. Pure indulgence with the simple push of a button. Tastes great as Caffè Crema, full-bodied Latte or Latte Macchiato.

With Caffè Crema Intense our experts created an especially elegant coffee for your fully automatic coffee machine. Our roasting specialists select only the best coffee beans for this modern coffee specialty. These beans are then refined in a gentle roasting process, which reveals the coffee's intense character with decent hints of chocolate. Thanks to its velvety crema this coffee gives you very special moments of pleasure.


For every taste: from mild to strong with velvety crema. The origin counts: sun-kissed beans from the best growing regions of the world. Individually roasted: for the best aroma of our coffee beans.

May we present? Tchibo.

We are a family business. Our coffees are always produced to the highest quality standards. Our beans are selected carefully, roasted with love and sealed freshly. Taking responsibility is self-evident for us. We ensure that our coffee is produced with respect for people and the environment.