Best of Germany Ground Coffee Bundle 3x17.6oz

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This bundle contains:

Discover Tchibo's bestselling coffees in Germany. Taste the variety of all our signature brews.

Brew Format

Ground Coffee
Whole Bean

German-quality roast

Our Röstmeisters single roast beans to bring out a palette of over 800 different aromas.

Sealed airtight

Our Aroma Protect Technology™ locks out light and oxygen - and keeps your coffee fresh.

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These coffees are in this variety pack

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Beste Bohne

Now it's getting tropical with! Selected beans from the best growing regions in the world give this coffee its exciting character. Lively and aromatic in taste, with a delicately spicy aroma, this is the "Beste Bohne" (best bean). The ideal coffee for that special moment or that little feeling of happiness in between.

Feine Milde

Today, just like 50 years ago, you can enjoy a wonderfully light start to the day with Feine Milde. The unmistakable taste of carefully roasted Arabica beans is wonderfully mild and delicately aromatic. A coffee for real connoisseurs - and not without reason the most popular coffee from Tchibo.

Sana Sanfter Moment

Fancy a cup of harmony? Sanfter Moment is naturally mild and particularly low in acidity - with 50% caffeine and lots of aroma. Our special refining process ensures perfectly balanced enjoyment thanks to reduced bitter substances. Just the right coffee for your little, harmonious break from everyday life - and wonderfully carefree coffee moments all day long.