Medium Roast

Barista Caffè Crema 17.6oz

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Medium roast with a delicate base and a subtle fruity accent thanks to traditional drum-roasting. Try our 35.2oz bag size.

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17.6 oz
35.2 oz
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German-quality roast

Our Röstmeisters single roast beans to bring out a palette of over 800 different aromas.

Sealed airtight

Our Aroma Protect Technology™ locks out light and oxygen - and keeps your coffee fresh.

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Flavor Profile

Delicate base with a subtle fruity accent thanks to traditional drum-roasting

Coffee Details



Roast level


Coffee Origin:

South America


Fair Trade Certified


Medium Roast


Brewing Methods

Learn how to brew your favorite cup of coffee with Barista Caffè Crema 17.6oz.

The Tchibo

Indulge in a truly personalized coffee experience with the ability to choose your favorite beans and conveniently fill them into our machine for a perfect brew every time.

Manual Espresso Machine

Manual espresso machines extract intense, full-bodied flavors by forcing hot water through fine coffee under high pressure. This method also creates a distinctive crema, adding texture and visual appeal to the brew.

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What makes our BARISTA Caffè Crema so special?
Harmonious and aromatic with subtle notes of red berries, topped by a velvety crema. Grown in Brazil and seasonally complemented with highland beans from Latin America. Limitless coffee enjoyment at home: as Caffè Crema, Café au Lait or Latte Macchiato – simply delicious!

Delicious as from a barista
With Tchibo BARISTA, it’s easy to enjoy amazing coffee also at home. 100% Fairtrade certified Tchibo Arabica beans. Traditionally and gently drum roasted.

May we present? Tchibo.
We are a family business.

Our coffees are always produced to the highest quality standards. Our beans are selected carefully, roasted with love and sealed freshly.

Taking responsibility is self-evident for us. We ensure that our coffee is produced with respect for people and the environment.