For over 70 years, the Tchibo Röstmeisters have passionately perfected fresh, aromatic coffees. From growing and harvesting to roasting, blending and packaging, every single step in the process is designed to create fresher coffee in your cup.



Location, Location, Location

 Many coffee companies merely buy beans as a commodity. But, Tchibo is involved from the beginning – at the very source. We have a network of farms and plantations in the finest coffee-growing regions around the globe.



Picked At The Peak Of Flavor 

Because coffee is a seasonal fruit, we follow the sun back and forth across the equator, selecting only beans at their ideal ripeness.


The Perfect Climate, Altitude and Soil

Our beans come from altitudes with warm climates, from 60 to 75 F degrees. These ideal conditions have minimal temperature fluctuations, moderate sunlight and a regular rainfall of 60 inches per year. Coffee plants thrive in a nutrient- and humus-rich soil. Volcanic, calcareous and water-permeable soil is optimal for the flavor of our coffee.


Travelling First Class

Once the coffee cherry is harvested, we carefully remove the bean from the fruit to ensure quality and flavor. And the journey begins…The green coffee is shipped in dry, temperature-resistant storage to the Tchibo roasteries, where our Röstmeisters craft incomparable coffees with passion and perfection.





Meet The Röstmeisters 

Nothing affects the taste and individual touch of coffee more than the roasting process. Our legendary Röstmeisters single roast the beans to a perfect finish, allowing their unique character and over 800 aromas to fully and individually develop. This process takes longer, but we believe it’s well worth it.



Timing Is Everything 
When roasting coffee beans, only a few seconds can determine the flavor. Generally, if the roast time is too short, the coffee tastes too fruity and acidic. Too long, and it can taste burnt and bitter. Tchibo Röstmeisters have perfected this process to only create exceptionally delicious coffees.