Filter Coffee Machines

Filter Coffee Machines

Preparing Coffee with the Filter Coffee Machine

Relive the timeless tradition of brewing coffee with a coffee machine. Let's delve into the fine to consider for the perfect cup of coffee from the machine. Our coffee machines remain the favorite to enjoy our flavorful filter coffees. Our filter coffees bring in flavors from all around the globe, providing you with a vast selection.


The quality of water is predominantly decisive for the taste of your coffee created from a coffee machine. When softer water is used, coffee acids are exemplified, but harder water tends to neutralize the coffee's fruity acids. The perfect scenario would be fresh water with a medium hardness to extract the full potential of 100% Tchibo Arabica to thrive.

The Ideal Grind Size

How fine should the coffee powder be? Aromas of coffee lie in every coffee bean waiting to be released upon the grinding process. The granularity of your grind plays a crucial role in defining the coffee's taste. A wrong grind can leave coffee tasting thin and acidic, or too potent and bitter. A freshly and medium-fine ground coffee is optimal for a coffee machine.

The Perfect Coffee Quantity

How much coffee should we prepare? The higher coffee powder per cup placed in the filter, the stronger the coffee tastes. An ideal measure would be 5-6 g of coffee powder for every 100 ml of coffee. If you prefer a stronger flavor, use up to 8 g per cup. Did you know, 1 loosely heaped tablespoon of coffee powder weighs about 7-9 g and 1 teaspoon weighs approximately 3-4 g.

The Art of Brewing

Before positioning the coffee filter, ensure to dampen it a little. Then, add the desired amount of coffee powder to the filter and activate the machine.

Did you know?

You can recognize fresh coffee by the fact that the surface curves into a crust during infusion. This is caused by CO2, which is still present in larger quantities in fresh coffee and forms bubbles in combination with water.

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