The Perfect Latte Macchiato

The Perfect Latte Macchiato

The Perfect Latte Macchiato

Latte macchiato, translated as "stained milk," is a delightful combination of milk, espresso, and foam. The interplay between these three elements gives this milk specialty its distinctive name. Let's dive into the steps of preparing a perfect latte macchiato.

1. Start by frothing approximately 270 ml of hot milk in your milk frother.

2. Pour the frothed milk into a latte macchiato glass.

3. Brew a freshly prepared espresso, such as our Tchibo BARISTA  Espresso, and slowly pour it into the glass. The classic division of layers will automatically form: first milk, then espresso, and finally, foam.

Calorie content of a Latte Macchiato

The ethereal layers of milk, coffee, and foam give the latte macchiato its unmistakable appearance. However, due to the higher milk content compared to other coffee specialties, it also has a slightly calorie content. Depending on the fat content of the milk used, a latte macchiato can contain around 170 kilocalories (kcal). Choosing skimmed milk can reduce the calorie count compared to using full-fat milk. Additionally, if you enjoy your latte macchiato with a touch of sweetness, adding sugar will contribute extra calories.

Caffeine of a Latte Macchiato

Nearly 23 percent of Germans regularly indulge in a cup of latte macchiato. Apart from the robust coffee flavor, creamy foam, and smooth milk, many appreciate its relatively low caffeine content. In fact, latte macchiato was originally intended for children in Italy, who were served a glass of milk "stained" with a shot of espresso. The caffeine content in a latte macchiato can vary depending on the type of espresso used and the amount prepared. As an average, expect around 10 mg of caffeine per 100 ml of latte macchiato.

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