4 Ways to Improve your Coffee

4 Ways to Improve your Coffee

1 Store your coffee correctly

Opened packets of ground coffee will stay fresh for about seven days at room temperature. It retains its aroma twice as long in the fridge and three to four times as long in the freezer. 

Some rules to follow:

  1. Store the coffee as whole beans
  2. Grind it right before consumption
  3. If you want to freeze your coffee, bring it to room temperature before putting it in the fridge or freezer


The bean encloses and protects the sensitive coffee aromas like a natural aroma vault.

An opaque container that can be sealed airtight is ideal for storage. A tightly sealed coffee can keeps coffee beans or powder fresh for longer and also guarantees the coffee aroma longer than storing in the opened package. 

Learn more on how to store your coffee correctly.

2 Use unfiltered water

The water you use directly affects the taste of your coffee. We suggest using unfiltered water for brewing.

3 For a more intense flavor use whole bean coffee

The fresh grinding releases the coffee oils and aromas right before brewing for the ultimate flavour intensity. Make sure the beans are not too oily. This can affect the performance of your machine in the long run. 

4 Use The Tchibo coffee machine

Our Tchibo coffee machine is an automatic coffee and espresso machine. You can adjust the grinding degree to get your preferred taste of fresh coffee - cup by cup. Shop The Tchibo now.

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