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Unraveling Excelso: A Gem from the Colombian Coffee Landscape

Unraveling Excelso: A Gem from the Colombian Coffee Landscape

Unraveling Excelso: A Gem from the Colombian Coffee Landscape

What is Excelso Coffee?

Excelso coffee is a term used in the classification of beans from the prolific coffee farms of Columbia. The term Excelso aids in understanding the size of coffee beans and the linked quality of the coffee. Each Excelso bean falls below the larger Supremo in the quality ladder, a ranking that sheds light on the complexity of Colombian coffee. Typically known for its softer and acid-focused flavor profile, Excelso coffee stands out in contrast to the Supremo variety. Notably, Excelso is mostly associated with Arabica beans, with Colombia predominantly adopting Arabica coffee cultivation.

The Specifics: Classification of Excelso in Colombian Coffee

The classification 'Excelso' applies to Colombian coffees. By passings the beans through sieves, it is ensured that ones classified as 'Excelso' only fall through sizes 20, 19, and 18, and stay on size 17. Beans that surpass the defined size are labeled Supremo, whereas the smaller ones attain UGQ (Usual Good Quality) or average quality status. This meticulous process rightfully distinguishes each bean based on dimension and quality.

The Origin: Cultivating the Excelso Beans

Excelso coffee has its roots firmly planted in Colombia, primarily growing at altitudes of 1000 to 2000 meters. Excelso coffee is, therefore, generally categorized as highland coffee. Colombia's historic Coffee Triangle, perched in the heart of the country, envelops the regions of Risaralda, Quindio, and Caldas. These regions, laden with nutrient-rich volcanic soils, offer an ideal environment for coffee cultivation. The premium destination of Medellín is highly sought-after for sourcing the most refined beans.

The Aroma and Flavor of Excelso Coffee

Excelso coffee offers a balance of sweet and nutty aroma with a full-bodied texture, setting it apart from other coffee varieties. Recognized for its smoothness, it blends tolerance with delightful taste. Colombian coffee, in general, unveils a velvety and balanced flavor, which extends to the Excelso variant as well.

The Ideal Brewing Techniques for Excelso Coffee

The intricate aroma of Excelso coffee makes it a perfect candidate for filter coffee preparation. This brewing technique allows aroma to unravel fully, letting the sweet-nutty flavor shine through. The versatility of Excelso coffee beans doesn't limit their use to only a filter coffee preparation. Espresso lovers, rejoice; these beans can whip up delectable espressos, cappuccinos, and more.

In Conclusion

Excelso coffee is more than just a coffee variety; it's an embodiment of the meticulous process Colombian farmers undertake to differentiate and highlight their coffee flavors. Each bean, sorted and sieved, carries the essence of Colombia's rich, volcanic soil right to your coffee cup. So, when you enjoy a cup of Excelso coffee, remember that you're not just savoring coffee, but experiencing an incredible journey from the lush highlands of Colombia right to your home. The complex aromas, singular flavors, and unique classification emphasize that Excelso truly is a gem in the coffee landscape.

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