Mastering Coffee: A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering Coffee: A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering Coffee: A Comprehensive Guide

There is a marvelous journey that each cup of Tchibo coffee takes, from the very inception of its gourmet taste at the plants to the final destination in your cup. But for this universe of taste to unfold, there are many criteria that are evaluated to ensure that you savour only the best cup of coffee. One of these, often overlooked, is the aftertaste or the 'Abgang' of the coffee.

Understanding the Aftertaste of Coffee

In the professional world of coffee tasting, or 'cupping', the aftertaste is an essential element that influences the overall evaluation of the coffee. It refers to the taste lingering at the rear of your palate after swallowing the coffee. This sensation is evaluated in with other elements like aroma, acidity, and body.

A positive aftertaste, that kind which leaves you desiring for more coffee, is preferred. To gauge the aftertaste, we assess the oiliness and the quantity of suspended solids in the coffee. Rubbing a mouthful of coffee between your tongue and palate lends a clear idea about these aspects.

The Interplay of Coffee Elements

In professional tasting, the aftertaste is always determined in collaboration with the other factors: aroma, acidity, and body. When these elements are in harmony, we say that the coffee has a balance—an indication of a well-blended coffee.

To reliably compare the aftertaste of various coffee types, it's crucial always to stick with the same brewing method. This is because the brewing mode dramatically impacts the portion of suspended solids in the drink.

When Coffee Has a Bitter Aftertaste

If your coffee leaves a bitter aftertaste, several causes might be at work. The method and manner of preparation significantly impact how bitter your coffee's aftertaste is. A few possibilities could include a too-hot brewing temperature or a too-fine grind, leading to the dissolution of too many bitter elements. Additionally, the coffee roast plays a role too—over-roasting can leave your coffee bitter.

Harmonious Balance in Coffee

To ensure a harmonious blend and balance in a cup of coffee that leaves you wanting for more, we at Tchibo take into account all these elements. Our team of coffee experts carefully evaluates the coffee at every stage from growth to roasting ensuring that every sip that you take leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

The Unparalleled Journey of Tchibo Coffee

The unique experience that Tchibo coffee offers is a combination of meticulous care, informed choices, and dedicated craftsmanship. Our coffee is not just a drink; it is a journey that we invite you to embark upon. From understanding the nuances of taste, appreciating the precision in preparation and roasting methods, to experiencing the lingering aftertaste and stimulating aroma, it's a voyage you do not want to miss.


At Tchibo, we focus on giving gourmet coffee a new dimension, encompassing not just the irresistible aroma, well-balanced taste but also the subtle and equally crucial aspect of the aftertaste. Join us in our journey to explore this fascinating world and let's make every coffee break a ceremony of exquisite gusto! Rest assured, with Tchibo, every cup is an invitation to a world-class coffee experience. Dive into the experience and cherish the pleasure of our meticulously crafted coffee, sip by sip.

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