Meistersinger Oblaten Lebkuchen Assorted 20% Nuts

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Wicklein Meistersinger Lebkuchen are delicious gingerbread cookies placed on a thin wafer bottom. This delicacy seduces the senses in three different ways. A coating of the finest semi-sweet chocolate, a simple yet delicious sugar coating or all-natural – paired with delicate nut pieces and kernels. A special gingerbread experience with a slight crunchy center is the traditional German Christmas treat, made in Nuremberg. The cocoa used for the chocolate is 100% UTZ Certified and its origin can be traced back to the manufacturer and the cultivation fields. 
  • Lebkuchen are fine gingerbread cookies that contain at least 14% nuts and/or seeds. Of these, 50% are almonds, hazelnuts, or walnuts.
  • Signature German Christmas cookies that are coated with sugar glaze, chocolate glaze, or eaten plain.
  • Nuremberg is known for its delicious German cookies. The production of Wicklein's fine Gingerbread Christmas treats is in full swing for the holiday season.
  • These holiday cookies are great for gifts, adding to cookie tins, eating with holiday snacks, or adding to a European cookie gift basket.
  • Each lebkuchen cookie is made in Germany and imported.


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