Röst Frisch Colombia Origin

Similar to Barista Caffè Crema

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A bright, aromatic coffee with a smooth medium roast. Fresh, vibrant aromas with subtle fruity flavor.

The coffee beans for this coffee are sourced from South America. The coffee is produced in Europe.

Ground - Medium Roast


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This coffee is kosher and vegan:

Size: 12 oz.
Type: Ground Coffee

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- Our Röstmeisters single roast these 100% Arabica beans to a bright aromatic coffee
- Smooth medium roasted coffee with fresh, vibrant aromas and dried fruits flavor. Very balanced and notes of sweetness
- Blended of Rainforest Alliance certified specialty coffees – originate of Columbia
- Intensity level 3 out of 6
- Recommended for Lovers of Specialty Coffee prepared manually (Pour-Over, French Press, Walküre, Porcelain Filter)
- Kosher certified

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